Athlete Representation

At 3D Bull Riding we pride ourselves on the best Athlete Representation in the business.

3D Bull Riding represents athletes for all their endorsement negotiations, appearances and license agreements, 3D Bull Riding also assists in promoting its clients charitable initiatives.

We actively look for opportunities for our clients to maximize their earning potential during their career. We assist in soliciting offers and negotiate terms for our Athletes. The window of opportunity can be small so maximizing opportunities is important

Brock Radford
Dakota Buttar

Contract Negotiation

The negotiation of an Athletes contracts is the most important function an agent serves for each client. Our agents negotiate contracts at all stages of a client’s career. Our track record and history in the Professional Rodeo & Bull Riding World as well as the Professional Hockey World is second to none.

We Work With The Best Athletes In The Industry

No other firm can compete with our ability to see and service our Athletes on a regular basis.

Sports Marketing

3D Bull Riding provides sports marketing services for marketing, publicity, social media, personal branding, crisis management and event PR. From crisis management for professional athletes to customized PR services, we work with personalized strategies in the following areas

Sports Marketing
Event PR
Foundation PR
Crisis Management
Business Management
Social Media Strategy, Execution & Maintenance
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